Elaine has played twice at our House Concert series.  She was a hit both times.

All of her songs ring true with personal feelings, and her beautiful soprano voice harkens us back to the richest years of Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell.  But her art is her own, not borrowed.

Her last album, “Rise”, is one stunning piece of work and I’m close to wearing out my copy.

– Dale Evans Swan – The Swan House Concert Series

You have all the best vocal qualities of Mary Black, and that’s an extremely high compliment coming from me. I love your song writing too. It’s really classic stuff. “Rise Up Singing” is a perfect sing-along, and “Harvey’s Song” reminds me of the best of the Irish ballads, a la “Anachie Gordon” and the like.
– Maura Kennedy of THE KENNEDYS.

Upcoming Shows


Elaine Mahon – solo

831 Florida Ave., Lynn Haven , FL

Elaine Mahon at Sandhill Stage Aug 29, 2015

“Rio” ©2010 Mary Elaine Mahon & Steve Friedman/Six Pelicans Publishing(BMI)

“Night Drive” ©2015 Mary Elaine Mahon /Six Pelicans Publishing(BMI)





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2013 Song of the Year: “Rise Up Singing” –

Awarded by DJ Maggie Ferguson of WXOU, MI “The Old Front Porch Radio Show” – Thank you Maggie!

No. 3 Album of 2013: RISE

Awarded by DJ Maggie Ferguson of WXOU, MI “The Old Front Porch Radio Show”

Top Albums of 2013

as listed by FOLK-DJ & NBT Music Radio

FOLK DJ #11 Album Feb. 2013


First Prize 2013 Family Folk Chorale Songwriting Competition

for title cut of RISE, “Rise Up Singing”

March 23, 2014 Arlington Theatre, Arlington, MA
Elaine Mahon with the Family Folk Chorale – Boston


“Dust Tracks in the Road” inspired a painting!

(To listen to the song visit the player in the lower left sidebar)
Check out Jenny Bleackley’s artwork at this link www.jennybleackley.co.uk– you’ll be glad you did!

Radio Stations playing songs from RISE

A very special thanks to the following DJs for playing my music on their shows:

…love Elaine Mahon. Sensible and sensitive writing married to genuine melodies…My kind of album” – Len Holton at KUAR

…it takes a lot to make you happy, and Elaine Mahon’s album RISE does it with every note she sings. What makes this record great is her vocal range–she truly sings like bird. – John Shelton Ivany JSITOP21.COM

I love Elaine Mahon’s voice and her ethereal arrangements. Dreamscape songs that touch the heart with whimsy and delight. To coin a phrase, “what could be better than that!” – Maggie Ferguson WXOU

Bertwin Bijleveld of BAARN FM, “Blues & Friends”- The  Netherlands; Bernard Roudaire of Radio Averne/CRV, “Crossroads” – France; Martin van der Laan of Radio Compagnie, “Country Stew” – The Netherlands; Harkey of Radio Seagull 1602,”Harky in English” – The Netherlands; Johanna Bodde of DollardRadio “Radio Girl”  -The Netherlands; Martin of NBTMusic Radio “Essence of Song” – Germany; Berrie Koetsler of  Omroep Ijsselmond 104.1 FM,  “Songriver” – The Netherlands; Rein Wortelboer of KABEL 87.5 FM – “Blues & Friends” – The Netherlands; Pablo Strand of “Radio Sotra” – Norway;  Gerrit Caspers of MeRadio, “Good Noise” – The Netherlands; Paul vanGelder of Dollard Radio, “Harky in English”- The Netherlands; Alex Pijen Zyid of West FM, “Saloon” – The Netherlands; Gerd Stassen of  EMS-VECHT-WELLE,  “Saloon” – Germany, Iain Anderson -Scotland BBC.co.uk “The Iain Anderson Show”,  Alf McCarthy of RTE Radio 1, “Late Date”, Bay FM 100.3 “Acoustic Harvest”,CKJS “Prairie Ceilidh”, CKUT 90.3 “Folk Directions”, CJTR 91.3 FM “Deeper Well”, Dollard Radio 105.8 FM “Folk en Zo”, EMS-Vechte-Welle “Hilbilly Rockhouse”, KHKE, KJZA, KJAZZ, KOPN “Sunday Morning Coffeehouse”, KRCC, KRXC “The Grass Roots Revival”, KROV “Crossroads Show”, KUAR 89 FM “From Albion and Beyond”, KUNI, KVMR “New Brick Road”, KVMR FM “Backroads”, KVMR FM “Nevada City Limits”, Phoenix FM Australia 106.7 “Radio Folk”, Live365 “Positively Charged Radio”, Radio Adelaide-S. Australia, Radio Upper Galilee Israel “Worldwaves”,Radio ZUSA Germany “A Little World Music”, WBCR-1p 97.7 FM “Common Sense Songs”, WBGU FM, WCNI “Traditions”, WEFT 90.1 FM “Womyn Making Waves”, Wellington Access Radio NZ “Town & Country”, WFDU “Traditions”, WFMR 91.3, WFMT “The Midnight Special”, WFUV, WGDR 91.1 & WGDH 91.7 “Acoustic Harmony”, WGLT, WHUS “Sunday Night Folk Festival”, WICN, WIOX “Mostly Folk”, WIUP-FM “Modern Troubadours”, WMCB 107.9 “Music of the People”, WMSC, WMUC FM “Roots & Wings”, WOI 90.1 “The Folk Tree”, WOMR 92.1 FM “The Old Songs Home”, WORT, WPKN, WPKM, WPSU, WRFG “Fox’s Minstrel Show”, WRKF “Hootenanny Power”,WRUR 88.5 “A Variety of Folk”, WSCS “Out of the Woods”, WSKG, WSLU “The Folk Show”, WUMC, WUMD, WVPE, WXOU “The Old Front Porch Radio Show”, WXXI, WYSO “Detours”, 2Air FM 107.9 “Grass Roots”, 2MCE-fm 92.33 “One of the Folk”, 3INR 15, INR 96.5 “Folk n Roots”, 5EBI103.1FM “Good Morning Folk”, Mark Michaelis WGDR “Acoustic Harmony”


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