Elaine has played twice at our House Concert series.  She was a hit both times. Her last album, “Rise”, is one stunning piece of work and I’m close to wearing out my copy” -Dale Evans Swan of The Swan House Concert Series

love Elaine Mahon’s voice and her ethereal arrangements. Dreamscape songs that touch the heart with whimsy and delight. To coin a phrase, “what could be better than that!” – Maggie Ferguson WXOU

Just posted! Winter Solstice Newsletter 

A new CD is coming soon!

REACH FOR THE STARS (release in Feb 2017!)


“Dust Tracks in the Road” from RISE inspired a painting!

(To listen to the song visit the player in the lower left sidebar)
Check out Jenny Bleackley’s artwork at this link www.jennybleackley.co.uk– you’ll be glad you did!

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